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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rack and Trunk Bag / Panniers are In

As I mentioned earlier I've been waiting on my rack to come in. It did yesterday and I got it installed last night. Of course, that was after I hunted in vain for the mounting eyelets on the rear fork and realized the little 'bumps' were plastic inserts protecting the threads. Once I figured that out the only problem I have is that the left side brace will interfere with the rear brake... so I am only running one brake for the time being. Later, when I'm stronger, I can always flip the hub to fixed and do away with the rear brake completely. For now, though, it seems stable enough with one brace and I'm going to run by the bike shop and see if they have any suggestions.

Oh, and I made excuses for not riding in today (new baby had me up way too much at night). However, tomorrow should be my first ride with the rack.

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