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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rained today... I'm okay... in case you were worried...

So, since I was running early this morning* I stopped by Starbucks for a Triple Espresso on Ice** and to sit and read my book***. Anyhow, I was sitting there about 10 minutes when BOOM! PSSSH! the skies of Kansas let loose with all their fury. It had been lightly misting on my way in but my first thought was "Crap, I shouldn't have stopped 0.25 miles from work..."

Luckily, though, it tapered off to a mild sprinkle before I needed to brave it to get to work on time. I was damp, but dried off in no time.

Doesn't my life sound exciting? ;)

* Due to getting up earlier and getting faster.
** Even my just-turned-three son knows I take my Espresso iced, he corrected a barista the other day when she handed me me "espresso" (it was iced, she just didn't say it was iced when she handed it to me).
*** My reward for getting up earlier and getting faster.

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