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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Favorite Ride to Work Pants

Rail Riders Backcountry Khakis

From the MFR, my interpretations in italics

Soft Oxford Textured Allure' Nylon
= No Wrinkles @ the Office when I roll the legs back down
Even Waist Sizes
= Better than generic S/M/L
Jean Fit
= Me Like
Articulated Knees
Gusseted Crotch
= WIN!!!
Deep Front Pockets
= Stuff is on top of your thighs so it doesn't pinch your hip
2 Zippered Back Pockets
= No snagging the saddle
Dries Instantly and Packs Small
Great Fit!
= Especially since they come in 30" inseam for my short-ish legs!

I snagged these on sale last fall, but I'm going to be paying full price for another pair.

FYI - I ride to work in my "office clothes". Pants like these + Merino Shirts + Ibex Balance Running Shorts is all I need.

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