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Monday, January 5, 2009

Route Update

I figured I'd post my new route, Google Maps calls it right at 10.1 miles. Add another 0.1 for the distance from the intersection to my house.

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  1. [Looks like my first comment was lost in the ether]

    Looks like you're close to a possible route I'm trying to find to link up the Indian Creek Trail and Gary Haller Trail. Is the best bet to take 143rd (E Sheridan) from Lindenwood to Ridgeview and on to the Gary Haller Trail?

  2. Warren,

    First let me say that I'm honored you found your way to my blog. Among others, you're efforts over the last year-ish have been part of my inspiration to finally get off my duff and start riding to work (I'm still not an every-dayer, but my goal is make my chevy blazer obsolete in 2009).

    To your question, however. I LOVE 143rd/Sheridan/Dennis because it's got a very nice-wide bike lane. I used to use Dennis because Loula was blocked off east of the train track (so I'd head down keeler to dennis and around - to get to Bike America on Clairborne).

    Me I'm not bold enough to ride Santa Fe, or Ridgview north of Santa Fe. So, if it were me, I'd come one of two ways.

    1) Sheridan > Dennis > Keeler (N) > Park (E) > Buchanan (N) (Buchanan crosses Santa Fe as a Light) > KC Road (NE) > Pick up the Haller just past Church / Whitney.

    2) Sheridan > Ridgeview (N) > Loula (E) Keeler (N) > Park (E) > Buchanan (N)...

    Note, 2) only now works as Loula is open under the railroad again.

    Alternately, if you want to pick up the haller where it "starts" (just east of Church on Prairie)... I *think* Church crosses Santa Fe as a light... which means one could take Loula to Church (N)

    If I did it right, this map should be centered on the area of town I'm talking about. And, this map has some waypoints of some bike trails in the area.

    PS - I have no idea what the "bike path" is that Google maps shows at the west end of sheridan...

  3. Number 1 looks really do-able. I'm hoping to check it out this weekend.

  4. Warren,

    Were you able to make it to the path over the weekend?