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Monday, January 5, 2009

First Commute of 2008

Well, if you have a goal of riding to work everyday in 2009, you can't skip out on the first day because it's cold. Boy was it cold... but it didn't take long to warm up.

FYI, here's what I was wearing (top down)

Ibex Meru Hat
Icebreaker Apex Hat
Icebreaker Quantum Chute Neckwarmer
(note, I have a merino Balaclava on the way to change out for the above.)
Ibex / Hugga Wool T <= Awesome, BTW
Full Zip Red Moon Wool Sweater
Icebreaker Conquest Jacket
Wind Breaker
Wool Gloves <= Yeah, that wasn't enough...
Ibex Balance Running Shorts <= Also Awesome
Wool Long Johns
Synthetic DWR Pant <= Look like dress slacks, super comfy...
Injini Wool Tetra Sock
Smartwool Hiking Socks
TNF Arnuva Boas

All told, I stayed toasty (even had to unzip the windbreaker a bit)... except for my finger (pretty cold) and toes (barely cold). Adjusting the neck warmer up and down as my face would warm and cool was a bit tricky with gloves.

Oh, and my eyes were cold for the first mile...

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