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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Alive!!!!!

Okay, so finished getting the '83 Collegiate assembled last night.

I promise I'll get some pics up soon (most likely this weekend).

At present, everything works beautifully.

The coaster brake is about 90% dialed in. I played with it just enough to get it working last night. There's a sweet spot that I'm looking for, too little and there's no power, too much and it drags while pedaling. It's presently on the looser / weaker side of adjustment, BUT it's powerful enough that the rear wheel can skid if done just right(talk about bringing back memories).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to swap the tires for something less basis, but I'm torn between practicality or cool. Since these are 590 rims (remember, this is a Tawain / Giant built Schwinn), there are limited supplies. However, Schwalbe makes a Marathon Plus (imminently practical) in 590... other strong contenders are the Schwalbe Delta Cruiser (Cream, Whitewall or Gumwall), or Panaracer Col de la Vie... decisions, decisions...

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  1. Great job at restoring your classic Schwinn. I can't wait to see pictures! :)