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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carefree Signature Pedals + Vibram Five Fingers = ???

These pedals combined with Vibram Five Fingers would be a blast... it's funny, because I've been wondering how to bike with Vibram Five Fingers and some sort of foot retention for a while now.


  1. awesome? o_o;... have you tried this out?

    i've been using a pair of kso treks for about a month now. i worry from time to time if my toes will slip into the chain/chainring because of how maneuverable the profile of my foot is because of the lack of a shoe-shell.

    let me know!

  2. Actually I rock Vibram Classics with no foot retention ALL THE TIME now. My feet actually are more prone to get sore wearing shoes. Now, I'm using nice wide pedals when I do it (MKS Grip Kings / Lambdas)